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What is the Creative Digital Lab?

A new £450,000 facility opening in October 2023, enabling local residents to up-skill in the creative-digital arena. The lab will host a virtual production studio for film and TV production, technology to enable gaming development, a post-production editing suite, multi-track audio recording facilities and training suites linked to the software used in the lab.

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we're making state-of-the-art technology accessible to empower the creative talent of South London

Who is it for?

Digitally Curious

Croydon boasts the highest population of young people in London, making it a hotbed of untapped potential. However this resource is not just for young people. You may realise the benefit of digital skills but have little knowledge, our regular Masterclasses will open your eyes as to how technology can improve productivity and enable new career paths for those at the start of their Digital Journey.


Do you have digital skills but lack access to industry standard equipment? Create content using state of the art equipment at reasonable fees and easily accessible from our friendly business hub. Our regular training courses will up-skill and enable you to build your own skill set for your own career or business.


A fully-fledged, versatile production space available for dry hire, including a Mo-Sys X Unreal Engine, 4.5m x 2.5m LED extended reality studio, post-production room and an acoustically-treated audio studio and post production suite, green rooms and more. With great travel links via tram from East Croydon and available parking,, unleash your creativity.


Unlock new audiences

With the ability and facilities to learn new skills and content you have the power to reach and gain more customers or get in front of prospective employers of choice

Improve efficiency

With facilities, training and expertise on-hand in one place, you will be able to get more done in more time and provide greater satisfaction to your clients or employer

Access Talent

Belonging to a community of digital creative users and experts will help improve your own networks and allow you to access additional creative talent for your project needs

Learn Technical skills

Take your business or career to the next level through the basic, intermediate and advanced level training courses and learning opportunities available, all delivered by experts in their field

access the latest tech

Access up-to-date creative equipment and software that would otherwise be inaccessible without being part of a creative university course or being able to afford private industry studio facilities

improve job prospects

With a toolbox of improved creative digital skills, portfolio content and a network of creative peers, you will gain more pathways to create the business or career of your dreams

Gain Access to

Virtual production studio

A Virtual production studio which can leverage Unreal Engine to create authentic and realistic visuals.

Digital Audio Studio

Digital Audio Studio for voiceover recording, podcast development and post production content creation. 

Video editing suite

Video editing and grading suite – two facilities for training , pre production and post production editing.

Join us in building the future of SOUTH LONDON

By sponsoring this project you will be helping to build a pipeline of local talented tech professionals and enhancing the local economy.

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